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Call for 2014 Campaign

by Vincent Tisserand - 3 July 2014

The 2014 CALL is NOW OVER
please wait for a bout a month so that the committee will work
and come back to you

The list of projects is in the bellow PDF File

PDF - 52.6 kb

The LABEX ENIGMASS has just (April 10th 2014)  opened 3 post-doc positions with different experience profiles:

  •   1 post‐doc (just after Ph.D.)
  •   1 Fixed Term Contract (’CDD’) for researcher (3‐5 years after Ph.D.)
  •   1 Fixed Term Contract (’CDD de haut niveau’) for high profile researcher

We strongly encourage applications on Multi-Messenger Astro-particle and Cosmology (Analysis in between different  experiments and/or at the Exp./Theo. interface).

The LABEX internal group applicants should return their project (see the application form linked) to Vincent Tisserand ( Work Package coordinator before Wednesday May 7th 2014 at 16:00.

As opposed to the previous recruitment campaigns (2012-1023), the proposed projects will be evaluated offline based on the paper application form by an Advisory Committee mandated by the LABEX Management Board.

The advisory committee is composed of 8 people: 50% are internal members of the LABEX and 50% are external members. Referees originated from that committee evaluate the projects, finally a meeting of the advisory committee will be organized by June 4th 2014  to collect the reports of  the referees and to establish a ranking. This ranking will then be submitted to the LABEX Management Board for validation.

Soon after the groups who won the position will be notified and will have the full responsibility to identify post-docs to fill the positions, within a long enough time period of 6 months at most , allowing for flexibility. Once the recruitment process has converged a short report will be sent to the LABEX post-doc Work Package coordinator for a post-monitoring of the process. Such a report will be asked anyway before the 6 months delay time is over even without convergence.

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