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New Physics at the LHC

The issue of mass as implemented in our current formulation of the much successful Standard Model of particles leaves many questions unanswered, which is probably the reason why the model has still not gained the status of a full-fledged theory. Deep down, the description appeals to a fundamental concept, that of spontaneous symmetry breaking that requires a particular type of vacuum with an elementary particle, the Higgs boson which has so far been elusive, but not for long.

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Indirect and Direct Dark Matter Searches, weighing the Universe at the Colliders

Dark matter searches through dedicated experiments and theoretical investigations

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The Physics of neutrinos: lepto-flavour analysis and neutrinos as a probe

We aim to develop a neutrino pole within our labex, and re-enforce our teams to face the next neutrino related research both experimental and theoretical.

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Multi-messenger astrophysics, from gravitational waves to the high-energy universe

New physics can be revealed combining signals from different atrophysics experiments. We aim to develop a multi-messenger analysis involving experimentalists and theorists of our laboratories.

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The nature of Gravity

When dark energy is made to correspond to the energy of the vacuum our present theoretical foundations become an embarrassment in trying to wed gravity with quantum mechanics and urge us to seek a new paradigm.

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