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Enigmass visitor program

The LabEx ENIGMASS runs a generous visitor program for scientists of all levels (students, postdocs, professors) to spend time at LAPP, LAPTh, LPSC and/or LSM.

Visits can range from 1 week to 2 months (or even longer in some occasions), for collaborative work with local people, giving courses, etc... The main condition is that the topic falls within the ENIGMASS research activities and that a strong contact is established with a member of ENIGMASS.

The funding generally includes the hotel costs and a per-diem of 30 euros/day for meals. If needed, the covering of travel expenses can be asked for as well. For applying, please use this form and send it together with a short CV of the visitor (preferably in pdf format) to Fairouz Malek .

Decisions about funding are usually taken once per month, so please submit demands with a sufficient time margin (best more than two months before the beginning of the visit).

The ENIGMASS visitor program is run jointly with the CIPHEA center of LAPP and LAPTH Annecy.