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Higgs-like boson properties measurements and electromgnetic calorimeter calibration

by Yannis Karyotakis - 25 February 2013

Topics : Higgs-line boson properties measurements Electromagnetic calorimeter calibration
Proponents : LAPP : Isabelle Wingerter-Seez
Address : LAPP - 9 chemin de Bellevue - BP110 - 74941 Annecy-le-Vieux Cedex
Phone : +33 4 50 09 16 26
Contact Email :


The ATLAS experiment has now accumulated 25 evts/fb of proton-proton collisions data delivered by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at 7 and 8 TeV in center of mass energy. After a two years shutdown to consolidate, repair and improve the accelerator, data taking will restart in spring 2015, at a center of mass energy of 13 TeV.

In July 2012, the two LHC experiments ATLAS and CMS presented the discovery of a new boson with a mass of 126 GeV. This boson has been observed to decay in several modes: photon pair, Z & W pairs.Two main subjects are part of the PhD:

• Measurement of the couplings of the Higgs-like boson, exploiting the different production modes like VBF, W/Z+H and the common decay mode to two photons.

• Refinement of the photon energy calibration for an improved mass measurement. The proposed approach is to categorize events in order to minimize the impact from systematic effects coming from the detector.

The student will regularly participate to working meetings at CERN and, from end of 2014, to ATLAS data taking.

The ATLAS group at LAPP is rich of twelve physicists, a technical team of mechanics, electronics and computing engineers, and typically of three postdocs and three PhD students