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Preparation of Advanced Virgo: upgrade of the detection system

by Yannis Karyotakis - 25 February 2013

Topics : Preparation of Advanced Virgo : upgrade of the detection system
Proponents : Benoit Mours - Romain Gouaty
Address : LAPP - 9 chemin de Bellevue - BP110 - 74941 Annecy-le-Vieux cedex
Phone : + 33 4 50 09 16 72 
Contact Email :;


The Virgo [1] multi-kilometer scale interferometer is dedicated to the detection of gravitational waves (GW) emitted during astrophysical cataclysmic phenomena (compact binary coalescences, black hole formation, supernovae), by continuous sources (pulsars), or during the early stages of the Universe (GW stochastic background). After several scientific runs operated jointly with the LIGO [2] detectors in the past few years, a major upgrade of the Virgo interferometer is now under preparation, in the context of the "Advanced Virgo" project. At nominal sensitivity, Advanced Virgo should observe GW from astrophysical violent phenomena at the rate of several events per year, opening the era of gravitational astronomy and providing new ways of doing astrophysics.

The proposed work will be accomplished within the LAPP Virgo team who is responsible for several upgrades of the detection system for Advanced Virgo. These upgrades require to design new optics, new photodiode electronics, and to integrate these components on new optical benches. The activity will consist in participating to the developments and tests needed for the Advanced Virgo detection system. For instance a new Output Mode Cleaner cavity will be characterized, tested and implemented. A feedback system to control the length of this cavity will be developed. New optics will be prepared and integrated on the detection benches. Bench control systems will be developed. After an initial phase of tests at LAPP, the PhD student will also be involved in the installation of the detection system components on the Virgo site and in the pre-commissioning.

The PhD student will become a member of the Virgo collaboration and will have the opportunity to conduct her/his research in the context of the international community of gravitational wave physics.

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